Family adventures in New Orleans.

Guv joins the 2nd line band!

Then we see Castillo Blanco. Curious we step inside.
Hmm… a secret workshop… A flux capacitor…

Freaky puppets

Enormous creations… Something about Chewbaccus.

Over the course of the trip the bus has taken a beating. Michele’s bed is falling apart, the oven door is broken. Our shelving is held together with a ratchet strap.

We ask our new friends if we can pull the bread bus around back to use their workshop and welder to make some repairs. They say sure, as long as we can do it ourselves as they are really busy preparing for mardigras. Oh sure, I say. We’ll be in and out.

While I’m welding and repairing and feeling all cool, it rains… a lot. But I finish the repairs and we say thanks for letting us come and fix our bus- good, luck worth the parades etc.

And then we notice the bus has sunk to its rims in the famous New Orleans mud. I call a tow truck. He says it will be $500. We get the whole mardigras crew out there pushing the bus with us. After 3 hours of digging, winching, pushing and praying we got it out. It’s probably the last time they let someone drive their bus back there for “a couple quick repairs”.


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