Nashville, TN

Just a few days ago we had no plan of where we’d be staying or playing in Nashville. But then we connected with Kaaren, an artist in the 5 points neighborhood. She enthusiastically set us up in the parking lot at the local grocery store, Bill Martin’s and she sent out an email blast inviting Nashville’s underground Jewish list serve them to an Earth Sky Time musical Shabbat parking lot pizza shindig.

imageBill Martin is no ordinary grocer. He wears a fancy western bow tie (like Colonel Sanders) and he has maintained his independent community market for 50 years without moving out when the neighborhood got rough or selling out as it gentrified. Bill is now 95 years old and when we came in to meet him in the back office of his store, he was curled up in a bed. He saw Eden and said “well there’s a fine boy!” We asked if we could park our bread bus in his lot and he said, “I ain’t drunk!” We clarified the question and he welcomed us to park, but kept insisting that he ain’t been drinkin’. We went back later to take his picture but he was sound asleep and it didn’t seem right.

The Shabbat party was great, lots of people came and it was finally warm enough to play music outside. Everyone helped make the pies and we sang, danced, drummed got to know each other.

Saturday we walked downtown to see the city. Eden and Kyle considered getting tattoos, but decided against it.


Sister Mo insisted that we go into a cowboy store where Max showed his moves.

And nick found fame balancing Cowboy boots on his chin.

We found the Gibson factory in the Gulch. It was closed cuz they don’t roll on shabbos.

We hung out at a cool sculpture of naked people dancing.

Music is everywhere in Nashville. There are guitar shops on every corner and tight country trios in ever tourist restaurant. Saturday night we went out on the town, it was fun and loud, but I’ve got no photos to show for it, I always feel dorky being one of those people with their phones out at a concert. Sorry.

Last week’s experience in Baltimore was amazing so we went to church in Nashville too, but I guess we picked an intellectual hipster church, and the service was a panel discussion about Martin Luther King and urban gentrification. Not a hallelujah to be heard. But really good coffee!

Kaaren’s friend Jeff is a chiropractor and he fixed us all up. He said max howled like a Vermont pirate when he cracked his back.


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